“Le Présage”, a solar-powered guinguette with sustainable cuisine!

A worrying situation in developed countries

The diets developed in developed countries since the industrial era have had and tended to become widespread, but they are no longer viable and have proven to be unsustainable, particularly in terms of production: intensive practices, overexploitation of the land, health risks of chemical inputs, precariousness of producers, degradation of soil microbiology, but also the ecological impact of the global transport of goods and the consumption of fossil fuels during processing.

The food thus produced, in overabundance with uncontrolled waste, has an impact on people’s health (rising obesity, cardiovascular risks, junk food, etc.). Initiatives such as “le Présage” are multiplying, opening the way to the world of tomorrow.

Solutions towards a #DeliciousFuture

The degradation of the environment and the increase in inequalities in access to quality food have given rise to numerous movements all over the world towards an economic, ecological and social transition in our modes of production and consumption: development of renewable energies, self-consumption, organic farming, urban agriculture, short circuits, permaculture, circular economy, solar cooking, sustainable food, sustainable fishing, the social and solidarity economy, responsible finance… Head of economic development, the South Region could not miss this opportunity to promote the technological know-how of companies in its territory as well as their investments in terms of sustainable development.

To test the kitchen of tomorrow: “Le Présage” restaurant Château Gombert Technopole, 99 Traverse de la Rose 13013 Marseille Reservations: guestonline.fr 07 49 43 69 67

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