La Liga will attack Paris in front of UEFA and the French and European authorities! (official)

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Kylian Mbappé’s extension file is already getting worse on the side of Spain! If Real Madrid remains silent for the moment following the extension of Mbappé’s lease to PSG, La Liga led by the sulphurous Javier Tebas has decided to react with force!

Denouncing an abusive extension in view of the financial results of PSG, which notably lost 220 million euros last summer, and has accumulated 700 million losses over the last few years according to La Liga, the latter announced its intention to denounce the Le PSG in front of UEFA but also the French administrative authorities and the European Union!

to summarize

It’s official, La Liga has formalized its intention to attack PSG against UEFA but also the French and European tax authorities! The body led by Javier Tebas does not digest Kylian Mbappé’s extension.

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