Kitchen. What are the two main techniques for producing rosé?

The pink wave

While wine consumption is stagnating, that of rosés is progressing. Champion in all categories, with 35% of consumption and 30% of world production, France is even obliged to import to meet demand. The, which took off with the movement of the heat wave of 1983, is accompanied by the rise in range.

Between 2002 and 2015, consumption fell by 45%. Winemakers have learned to watch thermometers and colors like milk on the stove.

Today, they have mastered the techniques to offer consumers wines that hold up well, some of which can hold their own with great whites or reds.

We often talk about the rosé of Provence, but we forget that the Languedoc produces twice as much as in the Loire, the Vendôme produces sparks. Beaujolais surfs the wave. Only Burgundy is still resisting.

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