Kitchen. The advantages of fruit juices

Fibers are good for the body, we know it and we need to repeat it. What you need to know is that the said fibers, if they reduce transit and can reduce the incidence of colon cancer or lower cholesterol levels, they slow down the absorption of nutrients.

By absorbing part of our food in the form of a drink, we relieve part of our digestive system and, on the other hand, we offer the possibility of absorbing a large quantity of essential nutrients more quickly.

Thanks to comparative nutritional analyzes between fruits and juices, it was established that that of juices was higher than that of fruits and vegetables consumed whole.

In addition, the juices being almost instantly digested by the body, the energetic effects felt only require 30 minutes to appear. At the same time, it takes several hours to provoke a reaction in us with whole foods.

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The Orange juice

A single glass of squeezed orange juice provides more than double our vitamin C needs. It contains 225 mg of folic acid, or vitamin B9. The latter plays an essential role in the production of new cells, in the formation of red blood cells, the functioning of the nervous system and the immune system, as well as in the healing of wounds and sores.


It is thanks to the sorbitol it contains that blueberry juice stimulates the gallbladder. Rich in tannic acid and blueberry which fight against intestinal irritation, it is an acid juice that can be sweetened with agave syrup, at the rate of a teaspoon for a large glass.

The pear

Pear juice is the ideal partner to relieve thyroid problems. But not all, of course! Due to its high iodine content, pear juice is recommended for people with hypothyroidism.

The papaya produces an extremely salty and highly interesting juice from a nutritional point of view.  Shutterstock Photos

The papaya produces an extremely salty and highly interesting juice from a nutritional point of view. Shutterstock Photos


It is excellent for the intestines and the bloated belly. Originally from Mexico, this pretty fleshy and juicy fruit, with a melting consistency, produces an extremely salty juice that is highly interesting from a nutritional point of view. Rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, papaya juice is also a powerful antioxidant. It facilitates transit and is extremely gentle for the entire digestive system.

The grenade

It would treat rheumatism, would be antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, protective of the heart and the brain. And then, it would fight against hypertension, cholesterol, certain cancers and would prevent dental plaque… Moreover, its juice would avoid certain complications in dialysis patients. So, go ahead, a little pomegranate juice?

And others !

Strawberry juice contains a natural painkiller. Cucumber juice activates hair growth and slows hair loss. Raspberry juice is strongly recommended for women suffering from osteoporosis or spasmophilia. It is understood that fruit juices should, at best, be made from ripe fruit.

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