Kitchen: how to recognize edible flowers?

In spring, with the return of fine weather, many flowers appear in gardens, fields and forests. But did you know that you can eat some of them?

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Kitchen: how to recognize edible flowers? —
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In addition to being decorative, the flowers can be edible. But you still have to know how to recognize them. Mathilde Perrichon, peasant herbalist, organizes a stage to pass on her knowledge of these edible flowers. During a walk at the Prieuré de Bray, she gives advice on how to recognize flowers that can be eaten, and how to pick them without danger.

First example with the white deadnettle, which looks just like the nettle. “She doesn’t have stinging hairs unlike the nettle that’s why I can afford to touch her easily“explains the young woman.

Safety instructions to know

But beware: some plants are poisonous. It is therefore not recommended to consume flowers without prior training.

Another warning: do not pick plants that are too low because there are “a risk that they are potentially contaminated by animal waste”. Next, “You also have to be careful that these are areas that are not polluted, so no proximity to roads, no proximity to treated fields.”

How to cook them?

From a nutritional point of view, flowers can be interesting if they are fresh and not energetic, because they are particularly rich in vitamins and minerals.

In the kitchen, flowers are trendy today. At the head of a starred restaurant, chef Pierre Meneau is inspired by garlic mustard: its flowers and leaves have a pronounced taste of garlic. Ideal to enhance a starter with asparagus and morel cream.

White asparagus has a very vegetal side, very natural and even a little bitter, which is a little nutty so we’re going to need the garlic mustard to give it a little pep. And the yellow wine cream of morels will really coat everything to give this asparagus a little bit of life..” Starter, main course or dessert, flowers invite themselves into all the plates!

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