Kitchen fire in the sacred island of Brussels: firefighters intervene in “laborious working conditions”

This Saturday, a fire broke out in a kitchen on the third floor of a house in rue Grétry, in the “sacred island” of Brussels. The Brussels firefighters (Siamu) intervened around 8:35 p.m. and were able to smother the fire. The cause of the accident was accidental and the damage was limited to the kitchen.

The occupant had the excellent reflex of closing her kitchen door when leaving her apartment and thus slowed down any possible spread and limited the release of smoke. She also alerted her neighbours., says the spokesperson for the fire department. The resident, who had inhaled smoke, had to be treated on the spot.

From”laborious working conditions”

The spokesperson for the fire department insists on the “laborious working conditions” of this speech: “the site of the incident was in the pedestrian zone and, following the glorious weather, many pedestrians were strolling in the streets, which caused an additional delay”. The terraces and awnings have notably led to the deployment of emergency ladders in this narrow street.

To anticipate these delicate situations, Siamu organizes “daily topographical visits with intervention vehicles to visit places that are difficult to access and/or specific buildings”.

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