Kitchen. Almonds, avocado, dark chocolate… These foods that repel fatigue

We need energy throughout the day and certain foods that absorb it in different forms. Magnesium and iron are principles that facilitate the passage of energy just like carbohydrates and proteins.

The almonds

For a boost but also for a better snack than sweeter things, eat a serving of dried fruit. The best are almonds because they are full of proteins, lipids and fibers. Prefer them without additives. You can even include them in homemade granola bars!

the lawyer

Thanks to its rich contribution in lipids, magnesium and vitamins B and E, the avocado is a surprise in the foods to be favored for assimilating energy. In addition, by helping to regulate your bad cholesterol.

Citrus fruits are full of vitamins. Shutterstock Photos


It is well recognized today, ginger is a very useful food to fight against fatigue. Indeed, it will activate your blood circulation and activate your brain activity to give you tone.

citrus fruits

We must not forget the citrus fruits which are full of vitamins. Lemon can even be found in almost every one of your dishes because it goes with everything! This helps the proper assimilation of iron of plant origin. Otherwise, do not hesitate to enhance your dishes or preparations with herbs, brewer’s yeast or wheat germ. This will be a good supplement in minerals and antioxidants.

dark chocolate

Eh yes ! Rich in iron and magnesium, dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is an ally for full energy. However, it should not be abused… It is a sweet and fatty food and you should not exceed a portion of 30 g per day, which is the equivalent of a square of chocolate.

This list is not exhaustive and you can also turn to thyme, ginseng, valerian, goji berries, bran, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, kiwis…

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