Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour’s impromptu selfie, bob cuts and flawless brushing

The reality TV star is getting a new haircut similar to that of the fashion superstar. A look that both have immortalized by posing together in front of the lens.

Kim Kardashian flirts with extremes. While she wore waist-length hair the day before, the reality TV star cut (almost) everything overnight. The American businesswoman now sports an ultra-straight bob cut that grazes her collarbones, as she revealed in a photo on her Instagram account on June 21.

In this selfie, the ex-wife of Kanye West appears alongside the most famous “bob” in the world of fashion: that of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the American edition of the magazine voguehidden behind his signature sunglasses, as usual.

“Bobbsey Twins”, a Kim Kardashian writes in the caption of her publication, referring to the Bobsey twins, a series of children’s novels popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, the main characters of which are inseparable twins.

A snapshot retained in the New York offices of Condé Nast, the publishing house that owns vogue. Indeed, Kim Kardashian was invited by the magazine on the occasion of the official (re) launch of its skincare brand, SKKN by Kim, to discuss this new project. Would she be one of those people who change their haircut at every turn of life?

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