Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: the actress accused of plagiarizing films and series for her tearful testimony

A plagiarized testimony on many films and series?

To illustrate her proposals about her relationship with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard regularly punctuated her answers with very colorful and powerful sentences. The problem ? These would in no way be very natural since they would actually come straight from different works, whether films, series or even documentaries.

Among the coincidences found by Internet users? We find in particular his statement about Johnny Depp’s passion for tea which seemed strangely similar to a line of Julia Roberts in Love at first sight in Notting Hill. And the one where she assured that Johnny Depp would have told her that he would rather cut his hand than hit her again? It functions as an echo to a line heard in Mildred Pierce.

Similarly, when the actor reportedly stated menacingly, “Do you know exactly how much force it takes to break a human wrist?“, this sentence would have been said in particular in the documentary i am a killer of Netflix in which a woman, accused of the murder of her husband, revealed what the latter had said to her after having broken her hand.

But that’s not all, Amber Heard is also suspected of having been inspired by an episode of the series Mom (a fictional story about single mothers with complicated relationship histories) to describe her reaction to being allegedly punched, and for using in detail a scene from an episode of the series Maid (a fiction that follows the new life of a single mother after fleeing an abusive husband) to depict a supposed confrontation with Johnny Depp in their home.

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