Johnny Depp trial. Amber Heard denounces “employee” witnesses and “hate” on social networks

Amber Heard breaks the silence. About ten days after being ordered to pay more than 10 million dollars to Johnny Depp following the defamation lawsuit between them, the actress gave an interview on NBC’s Today Show.

She returned to the “hate” campaign of which she was the target on social networks. “I guess normal people don’t know about ‘this slur campaign’ and I don’t take it personally,” she said. “But even someone who is certain that I deserve this hatred and this vitriol, even if he thinks that I am lying, he cannot look me in the eye and tell me that he thinks the treatment was fair on the social media,” she added.

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The trial, highly publicized and broadcast live on television, revealed the lackluster private lives of two Hollywood celebrities. At the end of six weeks of debates, the seven jurors of the court of Fairfax, in the United States, concluded on June 1 that the ex-spouses had mutually defamed each other through the press. But they were granted more than 10 million dollars to the star of Pirates of the Caribbeanagainst 2 million only for that ofAquaman. According to her lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, the actress will appeal the judgment.

Amber Heard doesn’t blame the jury

In excerpts from her interview, which will be broadcast in full on Friday, Amber Heard claims not to have made the decision of the jurors “personally”. “How could they have come to a decision, how could they not have come to this conclusion? she wondered. “They sat and heard for three weeks relentless testimonies from people employed (by Johnny Depp), and towards the end, from random people,” she revealed.

“I don’t blame them, actually I understand that he’s a beloved character, that people think they know, he’s a fantastic actor,” Amber Heard explained. When the journalist facing her suggested that the jurors should not take these things into account, she replied: “How could they, after hearing for three weeks that I was not credible, believe a word that came out from my mouth? “.

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