Jarny. Restaurant Soaring prices spell the end of Siam

“It’s no longer playable”

Rudee Saunier, manager of the establishment, is formal: “It is no longer playable for us. We have undergone an increase on all our raw materials of more than 240%! The cost of freight is indigestible: “For our dry goods, the price of the maritime container has gone from €2,000 to €12,000. »

The scenario is the same for fresh products arriving by air from Bangkok to Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle. A small example: “In a very short time, a kilo of green papaya went from €8 to €19. It changes every week and, with the rise in fuel prices, it is increasingly difficult to find delivery people…”

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Changing menus

Rudee Saunier returned the problem in all directions: “It was out of the question to drop in quality. We were doomed to sell. “Today, the manager and her husband are torn between grief and relaxation. “Despite everything, we are happy to have made people discover real fresh Thai cuisine. We had a loyal clientele, who always supported us. »

The duo left the walls with another satisfaction: the room of the ex-Siam will resume service soon. “We are passing the torch to Julien, a young restaurateur who will offer revisited French cuisine. We will accompany him if necessary. »

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