Italy: Donnarumma in the middle of a nightmare

Fragile after a missed end of the season at Paris Saint-Germain, Gianluigi Donnarumma is not the best with his selection. The Italian goalkeeper again showed a very worrying face during the defeat of the European champion in Germany (5-2) on Tuesday in the Nations League.

Donnarumma is in trouble.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (23) has lost his smile. Considered the best goalkeeper in the world after a superb Euro, the Italian is going through a very complicated period. Weakened by a difficult end to the season with Paris Saint-Germain, the former AC Milan player was not sure about the last rally of his selection.

A catastrophic foot game

Overtaken against Argentina (0-3), during the Finalissima, the Parisian showed rather worrying deficiencies in the following matches in the League of Nations against Germany (1-1), Hungary (2-1) and England (0-0), with a game at the foot of great poverty. A weakness in this area which harmed him during the rout against the Nationalmannschaft (5-2) on Tuesday.

Far from being faultless on the achievements of Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Müller, Donnarumma found himself completely on the last but German of Timo Werner. Like ttanis, the captain of the Nazionale lost his means on a banal action by giving the ball to his opponents on an ill-adjusted pass before being deceived by the Chelsea striker.

Donnarumma’s Annoyance

Not very serene on the ground, Donnarumma also displayed his annoyance behind the microphone. The French champion did not hesitate to attack a journalist head-on who did not fail to remind him of his standard blunder against Real Madrid (3-1) in the Champions League. Is this the second time I’m wrong? When is the other one? a pest the Transalpine for the Rai.

Are you talking about the game against Real Madrid with a foul? Well, if you want to put the blame on me, I take my responsibility, even if I speak on behalf of the team and not individually because I said that you learn from your mistakes and that also applies to me. You ask me these questions… , a Donnarumma addition. The proof that everything goes very quickly in football…

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