“It annoys me”: Florent Pagny frustrated by Nour’s performance in the final of The Voice 2022

Nour opened the ball for this final of The voice. Injured in the throat, the youngest of this season unfortunately did not deliver a performance that lived up to the expectations of her coach, Florent Pagny.

After several weeks of competition, it’s time for the eleventh season finale of The voice a son. They are five this evening to hope to win the coveted trophy and succeed Marghe, the very last winner. So who from Nour, Vike, Loris, Caroline Costa or Mister Mat will succeed in seducing the public? Response within hours. In the meantime, the talents will have to deliver their latest performances live on TF1. And the quintet began this final of The voice interpreting the title Be up to it by Emmanuel Moire.

A performance that reached its apotheosis when Nolwenn LeroyVianney, Florent Pagny, Amel Bent and Marc Lavoine joined them on stage. And it was Nour, the youngest of this season, who was invited to open the ball. Injured in the voice following her performance in the semi-final, the young girl of just 16 years old had to spare herself all week. By order of Florent Pagny, in person! Result ? Nour hasn’t sung all week. “I’m too scared to lose my voice live, it would be the worst thing that could happen”she named to the cameras of The voice. “I know, but I want to preserve you“, he replied backstage.

An injury too disabling for Nour?

It is necessarily a little stressed that Nour went on stage to interpret Shallow of Lady Gagafrom the movie A star is born. Live magic, Nour managed to sing to the end, alternating powerful then softer notes. Once the performance was over, the public and the jury did not hesitate to stand up to applaud Nour, who was in tears. So, successful bet for Florent Pagny? If Azucena’s husband claimed to be “impressed“because”nature“Gave to Nour, he is still a little frustrated.

It’s true that I know the potential she has, what she has the power to do. And it is extraordinary. Maybe of all the seasons I’ve had, I have never had such a full and perfect voice, with these bass, this medium, this treble… The power, the head voice… She has everything. And here we are in the final, and I hear and she knows it… She is injured“, lamented Florent Pagny. Even if he remembered the performance of his protege, Florent Pagny “feels his hurt”. “She’s hurt in her throat, she’s hurt in her voice. She couldn’t do what she knows very well how to do. But she still delivered something, because the show goes on. But I know she’s touched and it pisses me off“, named the singer. “It doesn’t get along“, remarked Amel Bent. Not enough to comfort Florent Pagny, who knows”where she can go”. Unfortunately, Nour failed to live up to this performance.

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