iPhone broken: users claim 900 million euros from Apple!

Igen announces that Apple has just been attacked. The suspects issue the broken iPhones and demand money.

After McDonald’s, Apple. Indeed, the fast-food firm was recently forced to pay a heavy fine. This is to avoid a tax audit. But the company that develops the iPhone is also likely to have to release a huge sum of money.

The USB port of all problems

The reasons for this “fine”, you will find them further down in this article. But before that, know that the company must face another major concern. A concern that has been planting on his head for a few years now.

We are referring here to the charger. But why that of the iPhone will you tell us? In reality, it is the USB-C port which will soon have to become universal. In order to avoid customers to buy different chargers for each new phones.

A fact that undoubtedly pleases the majority of customers, but a little less so for the famous brand. Since it was a nice gain of money for her. This is why Apple is now considering refusing this “law”.

But if this is the case, what is the risk for the firm? “Financial sanctions are not part of the scope of the proposed measures. But also agreed. » Let know Alex Aguis Saliba, rapporteur of the Parliament. In the end, nothing too bad…

Because the builders iPhone should not be forced to pay a fine. Alex Aleguis Saliba revealing several reasons for this.

It remains to be seen whether other measures will be taken to prevent Apple from taking advantage of its position. Because it would be unfair if other manufacturers force yourself to use the USB-C port and that the Cupertino company is the only one not to do so.

iPhone broken: users claim 900 million euros from Apple!

The war against Apple and the iPhone

On the other hand, if the company does not have to face justice for this point, this is not the case for another. As we let you know, the firm with the bitten apple will soon have to pay 900 million euros. Why ?

Our colleagues from Igen gave the answer. The media explained by the manufacturers of devices that can be used as a walkie-talkie to be attacked. And this pout abuse of dominant position but not only. Since their “abusive and unfair commercial practices” remain singled out.

Still according to Igen, “The complaint accuses Apple of pushing users to download versions of iOS. These are too greedy for the batteries of their iPhone. What may have happened to device shutdowns. She criticizes Cupertino for having strongly encouraged its customers to do one thing. Switch to a new version of the system. This can reduce performance. Without having really said it clearly”.

The suspect who attacks the manufacturer of the iPhone explains, for his part:“Instead of doing what is honorable and legal… For its customers… And offering a free replacement. As well as repair service or compensation… Apple has bartered people. By hiding a tool in software updates. That slowed down their devices by up to 58%”.

It is for this reason that some customers bang their fists on the table.

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