iPhone 13: Apple’s phone affected by a new problem?

Apple’s iPhone 13 is hit with a new issue. Some users can no longer make calls or send sms. We tell you everything!

Hard blow for Apple! The brand is at the heart of a new controversy with iPhone 13. Indeed, a new problem has just hit smartphone users. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A state-of-the-art smartphone

Since its creation in 2007, the Apple iPhone has established itself as one of the the most powerful on the market. Indeed, the telephone has revolutionized the way we use our laptop thanks to all its technologies.

The creators of the brand never cease to amaze us with new features over the years. Air Drop, Face Id, or even a retina screen… the manufacturer is doubling its imagination to upgrade iphone !

However, the laptop does not always make a good impression on the web. Indeed, many users have to deal with bugs on the smartphone. The latter is therefore often singled out by critics of Apple!

For the past few days, the brand has also been hit by a huge concern. Hundreds of users can no longer make calls or receive text messages. A major bug when we know that we spend most of our time on the phone!

Mark Gurmam wanted to react on Twitter to inform iPhone users. He then explains the origin of this technical problem. “We have a bug that disables Imessage and Facetime and may disable your phone numberand »

He specifies : “So far, the only solution that has worked for me is to change the sim card. Or change e-sim in the settings ».

The iPhone 13 continues to be debated on the Web

Changing sim card is not always within everyone’s reach. Mark Gurman therefore gave another solution to overcome this problem on Iphone.

Apple is still in the heart of a new controversy following this global bug. For now, most affected users have a subscription to the T-mobile operator. There are therefore very few cases in France.

Mark Gurman tried to reassure users. Indeed, Apple teams are working hard to overcome this huge bug.

It’s not the first time that the iphone disappoints its users. For several months, the Apple smartphone chain the bad buzz on social networks.

A few days ago, netizens discovered that the wearable could get hacked while turned off. A study has made a terrible finding that may call into question the security of the Iphone.

Standalone software with the working Bluetooth chip. This software is not not protected against modifications. Attacks can therefore target the Bluetooth chip even after it has been switched off”.

At the dawn of the exit of his next phone, Apple must therefore face many controversies on social networks. The brand is very responsive and never hesitates to reassure its users.

We will therefore have to wait a few more hours to find out the origin of the latest iPhone bug. Apple may release an update to address recent issues. To be continued !

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