INTERVIEW. Chef Mory Sacko opens the first Louis Vuitton restaurant in Saint-Tropez

Tropezian nights are now embellished with the new flavors of Mory Sacko. Headed by the starred chef and host of the show “Open Kitchen” on France 3, the first restaurant of the luxury brand opens this Friday. “Mory Sacko at Louis Vuitton” makes its debut in Saint-Tropez in an opulent establishment in the Gulf.

A Michelin star, the Young Chef Award and his cooking show on France 3… Soon to be 30 years old, Mory Sacko continues to succeed with as much appetite as ever. This Friday, in Saint-Tropez, is a great first. For him as for the luxury brand. The chef opens to the public the only restaurant in the house with the monogram: “Mory Sacko at Louis Vuitton”.

How was this adventure born?

It came about through a meeting with the managers of Louis Vuitton, which produces food at MoSuke (Mory Sacko’s starred restaurant in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, editor’s note) without my knowledge, and for a while (laughs). They had the opportunity to open their first restaurant in France, and they came to offer it to us after a while. That’s how it started, at the beginning of the year.

Why Saint Tropez?

It is true that there were several discussions, and when the location of White 1921 (the establishment of the Place des Lices, editor’s note) broke free, we thought it was an opportunity for us to perhaps settle in that place. We had to do some work, redevelop the premises… That’s when we understand how lucky we are to have Louis Vuitton behind, we were able to do that in record time, but it was short.

What does a chef do a few hours before the opening of a new restaurant?

The final preparations. It’s always essential to make sure that everything is going to go well, but it’s also to take the last opinions of the customers because it is the most important. This is what will allow us to have the card evaluated, one way or the other. We are very attentive to these first returns. This allows you to make the final adjustments, in the dining room or in the kitchen. It’s a restaurant opening, it’s never 100% easy, but on a team that is motivated, that’s the main thing.

How many people work with you at this establishment?

Between 20 and 30 people. It’s a nice little team, but it’s a place that needs a few people to be able to make it work as we want. In capacity, we are about forty covers.

What card do you offer?

The offer is differentiated according to the service. We have a midday offer which is around the travel tray, we then have a calibrated offer for the afternoon, which is essentially sweet, with ice cream, dorayaki, and in the evening we are really on a restaurant part, with dishes to share, and then grilled meats and tajines too. On a fairly wide offer and full of different influences that intersect, and it is a desire, first on my part, to be able to offer this place to be accessible from the point of view of prices.

What products do you work with?

There, we really seek to have exceptional products, I work with the same suppliers that I can have in Paris. There is chef Arnaud Donckele who gave me many of his suppliers, so we really work with very good products. The approach will be much simpler, and the idea is to have a place where you can simply consume, without falling into the cliché of Saint-Tropez, luxury, and overpriced things.

We have both feet on the land, and afterwards we have fun making it travel through spices, condiments, seasonings, which are from elsewhere.

Is the Côte d’Azur a land of inspiration for you?

Yes totally. It’s a region that I find magnificent, which I discovered through my “Open Kitchen” program, and I was able to meet a lot of producers, passionate people, and asked in this menu we have a lot of accents of Provence. For example, all olive oils come to us from Menton. He is a producer that I met and who supplies Mauro Colagreco, he makes a superb olive oil with lemon, he has oils flavored with turmeric. It really is a product that is ultra local. On the map, we have no fish displayed, we have fish according to arrival. We work directly from the port, with the fishermen. There is this anchoring which is important for me because as I say, in the cooking that I do, it is the cuisine from here with notes of travel.

Will your television adventures continue?

“Open kitchen” is still relevant. We are present until the end of the season this summer. Season 3 will resume in September. It’s a program that I have a lot of fun doing, it seems to me that we can’t get to the end, we can still continue to improve it. On a format in 52 minutes I believe to come, or in the course of this summer, so we continue to have the program evaluated, it’s really super cool.

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