Internet users appalled by one of his cooking recipes

Manon Marsault was mocked by Internet users after presenting one of her rather original cooking recipes in a story. Find out more below.

Like all reality TV candidates, Manon Marsault does not escape the buzz on the Web. Whether it is the result of her numerous cosmetic surgery operations or her falling out with Laura Lempika, Julien Tanti’s wife has often been talked about on social networks. But not enough to shake the one that has been transmitted in real estate.

A fulfilled woman, Manon loves sharing her daily life as a young mother with her children, Tiago and Angelina. It is therefore quite naturally that she filmed herself in her kitchen, cooking them a good meal. However, the recipe she chose to reproduce something baffled netizens.

Manon Marsault @Instagram

Cooking skills to review?

As she explains in front of the camera, Manon decided to make do with everything she had left in her fridge and cupboards to make a pot of pasta. Namely, sausages, ham, cheese and pasta shells, all of which she cooked at the same time. After putting the raw pasta in a frying pan, the mother of the family added the rest of the ingredients and a little water, with the help of her little daughter seated near the hotplates.

But despite all her goodwill, the mother of the family was far from unanimous. relayed on Twitter, Manon’s story appalled internet userswhen others were simply hilarious and laughed at this improbable cooking recipe.

“A real carnage”

Indeed, Internet users have not been kind to the one that was discovered in Island of Truths 3. We can thus read under the tweet:

Nightmare in the kitchen, I’m shocked, downright it looks like she’s cooking blind.

I swear that’s a valid reason for a divorce.

A real carnage. Looks like an American recipe, the brothel.

It’s the dog bowl.

Some saw it as an attempt to create a buzz, recalling that the Tanti were more the type to have food delivered or to eat at the restaurant, if not the dishes prepared by their personal chef:

I hope it’s buzz from her and that she doesn’t make anyone eat this, not even her.

It’s nonsense… She makes a video for the buzz… They are millionaires and have a chef at home.

And you, what do you think of Manon Marsault’s cooking skills?

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