In the mail from the readers: the political cuisine of the legislative elections makes you nauseous

Of course, many readers will receive the agreements between left-wing parties and have hope in these legislative elections to balance the powers at the top of the state after the re-election of Emmanuel Macron. But they are not the majority.

“The fantasy of political unions”, writes Houria Lounes on our Facebook page after the agreement signed between La France Insoumise and Europe-Ecologie-Les Verts. “Why do you want to make the voter believe that we have miraculously found a convergence between parties… just at the time of an election. As with every election, the ritornello of the unions of one camp or the other resurfaces. But the union between whom and why? “.

Thierry, another reader, criticizes the intention of the political apparatuses: “Those who want today to join Mélenchon whereas no agreement was possible 15 days ago do the police only so as not to sink politically”.

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Paul thinks that “Mélenchon needs this agreement to win a few more parliamentary seats. Once the election is over, Mélenchon’s Trotskyist method will resume its natural course and marginalize these so-called partners. They will only have to withdraw from the agreement, but Mélenchon will keep the deputies…”.

Common program?

“An agreement that will not be able to hold over time after the legislative elections”, also predicts Fanf63 on “We have already seen this with the joint program in the past. The communists who slammed the door in the 80s after participating in the government of the time […] They are trying to have as many deputies elected as possible to form a group… The entire left having obtained 32% of the votes in the first round of the presidential election, it will be impossible for it to have 289 deputies in the National Assembly (absolute majority)” .

Pierre-Raphaël Rey confirms this “1930s” atmosphere and worries: “A crisis, the rise of extremes, the rejection of institutions, an imperialist dictator who invaded a country and a left-wing union reminiscent of the popular front of before the war… it’s starting to have a lot in common with our past. Fortunately Europe is less divided, no civil war in Spain and no fascists in power in Italy and Germany! At least for the moment “.

Julien Bonnefoy (editorial mediator)
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