“In the kitchen, we flirt with 50 degrees”, says a restaurateur

The thermometer exceeded 40°C in some places. This Friday, June 17, Météo-France placed fourteen departments on red “heat wave” vigilance. Among the areas concerned, the canal du midiwhere the very high temperatures have consequences on the daily life of the inhabitants.

If the children have not been obliged to go to school sometimes, the adults continue to work, in very complicated conditions. “In the kitchen, on flirting with 50 degreesit’s huge”, says a restaurateur. Installed on a barge, this also had to adapt its last menu to the temperatures, in particular by putting on the menu “much cooler products”. With the heat, the customers, themselves, however, are rare.

Faced with extreme heat, called “thermal environments” in the Labor Code, companies are subject to certain recommendations to ensure the safety of employees. The National Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers (CNAMTS) thus recommends the evacuation of employees when the ambient temperature of the offices exceeds 34°. For employees outdoors, particularly in the construction industry, the employer must, for example, provide employees with something to cool off, at least three liters of water per day.

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