In the garden of bubbles, in Vannes, Michel Renard cooks comics – The small bookstores of Vannes

Michel Renard has been running his bookstore specializing in comics, Au Jardin des Bulles, for fifteen years. Installed at its beginnings rue Saint-Nicolas, in Vannes, it moved, in 2015, rue de la Porte-Prison.

He is a bubbling man, English cap, round glasses and short beard, who has chosen something from the comic book reporter. “I was seduced by this soul of a village in the city centre, the people know each other well”. Michel Renard immediately talks about the link he sees between a bar-brasserie and a bookstore: “Here, customers drop by to have a chat”. He is proud to know their first names and those of their children, proximity is essential. He adds: “I present them a book as I would present a dish, I know what they liked. With Cathy (his employee), our mission is to stir up the senses”.

Doors always open

But in the bubble garden, we don’t just talk about the scenario. The author-illustrator relationship, their sometimes specific approach and even the way in which the publisher has integrated, everything is supposed to curiosity. And when a customer adds his grain of salt, it’s won! “Our doors are always open, there is never any heating,” he laughs.

Michel has plenty of activities in his pockets: YouTube channel, workshops in libraries, meeting with authors and even interventions for prisoners in the remand center. “It’s a place where the culture must enter, if we isolate them, they are lost”.

He evokes the fourth tattoo and comic book convention, on June 11 and 12, 2022 at the Chorus, which he partly oversees. 70 tattoo artists, around thirty comic book authors and illustrators, as well as an exhibition at the Naïa Museum in Rochefort-en-Terre, are expected. The Livr’à Vannes show will take place the same weekend. “I’m going to have to double up!” concluded Michel.

One last question to dream about: “And if your bookstore was an island, how would readers get to you? “. The response burst out: “In a water bus, full of people who would have stopped in lots of previous islands! “.



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