The bank account of Google Russia having been seized by the authorities, the subsidiary of the American glove files for bankruptcy.

Posted on 05-20-2022 by Nolwenn Guengant

The news fell yesterday Thursday, May 18. Google Russia’s bank account is seized by the authorities. As a result, the Russian subsidiary of GAFA is forced to file for bankruptcy. The Mountain View firm has nevertheless assured that its various services will continue to operate in the country.

Confirmation by a Google spokesperson

It was a Google spokesperson who himself confirmed the news from the balance sheet department of Google Russia. Google Russia has issued a notice of its intention to file for bankruptcy. The seizure by Russian authorities of Google Russia’s bank account prevents our office in Russia from operating, employing and paying our employees on site [ils sont une centaine], to pay suppliers and vendors, and to honor other financial obligations, he said. He added that Russians and people living in Russia are knowledgeable about Google services to access quality information and therefore the group allows various services including Gmail, Google Search and Youtube to be offered for free. Relations between Russia and Apple’s competitor are strained. In April, he was fined 11 million rubles for failing to remove “banned content”. The country also did not appreciate the culture of the YouTube account of the lower house of the Russian Parliament. Twitter or Facebook are also monitored by the Russian government.

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