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In the heart of Huelgoat, a stone’s throw from its famous chaos, the restaurant Le Bretagne, at 13 Place Aristide-Briand, offers cuisine rich in color and taste. With, as a bonus, a simple and particularly warm welcome. Since July 1, 2021, Rebecca Williamson and her partner, chef “Amales”, whose real name is Rowel Hossain Khandaked, have been at the helm of this establishment, which also serves as a hotel.

Colombian and Mexican specialties

The restaurant of course offers traditional French cuisine. But Le Bretagne is also an essential place for gourmets, curious to try South American flavors, especially Colombian and Mexican. To go around the world in a single day.

Comment? By tasting, for example, a “bandeja paisa”, a sunny dish from Colombia, a “costilla de cerdo” spare ribs, a “carne con salsa”, a sirloin with Colombian sauce, an “ensalada del sol”, a sunny salad, burritos or other fajitas. Without forgetting the essential chili con carne. Still a little hungry? Homemade desserts await gourmets, such as these “banana calados” prepared with cooked banana, cinnamon milk, brillat de savarin laitier or this “manjar blanco con brevas”, milk jam served with figs poached in sugar.

“The chef can also prepare an adapted dish, a particular request, according to certain intolerances and allergies”, specifies Rebecca.

The Hotel-restaurant Le Bretagne is located at 13, place Aristide-Briand in Huelgoat, in a building dating from 1801. (Photo NC)

Spicy dishes or not

These proposals do not fail to surprise customers in Brittany. “Inevitably, when they see this building dating from 1801, they expect a more traditional cuisine. We play on the discrepancy between the name of the restaurant and the menu”, slips the owner. Among the customers, there are of course tourists, many of whom are in Huelgoat between Easter and All Saints’ Day. “There are also people of South American origin, who like to rediscover the flavors of their childhood, or chilli lovers, even if the cuisine is adapted to European palates, so much less spicy”, explains Rebecca. “The dishes can be more or less spicy according to the tastes of the customers”, adds chef Amales. For the flour and spices necessary for their preparation, Bretagne calls on Parisian suppliers. “For the rest, we work as much as possible with local producers,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca Williamson and chef Amales, Le Bretagne hotel-restaurant in Huelgoat.
In the dining room, a painting recalls the famous chaos of Huelgoat, but on the plate, the flavors are South American. (Photo NC)

Recipes from Adriana, the former owner

How did a typical Breton restaurant with a chef of Bengali origin make a specialty of South American dishes? “These are the family recipes of Adriana Le Scraigne, the former owner of Colombian origin. Before taking over Le Bretagne with her husband Patrick in 2009, she had a restaurant in Paris where chef Amales was already working,” smiles Rebecca. Like her partner, Rebecca is also a former employee of the hotel-restaurant “I worked for the former owners for five years. They are the ones who offered me to take over the establishment with chef Amales”, explains the owner.

For ten months, both have endeavored to show themselves “worthy of this heritage”, of this “passing on of know-how”. “All successive owners have left their mark. We are part of a story,” finished Rebecca.


Restaurant Le Bretagne, 13, place Aristide-Briand in Huelgoat; open Monday to Sunday. Reservations recommended, essential for groups. Such. 02 98 99 83 66.

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