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After thirteen years spent in the childhood and youth offices of the community of communes of the Crozon Aulne Maritime peninsula (CCPCAM), Katell Le Berre decided to change her life, swapping files for stoves. “I’ve always had a passion for cooking,” she says. But I didn’t want to enter a classic catering circuit, which was too time-consuming”.

Anti-waste and local

Friday, June 24, she inaugurated Bocoz, her new business, located in the village of Crozon. No more sandwich wrappers and plastic bottles at a picnic, here everything is in a returnable and reusable jar. Anti waste, Bocoz also advocates the short circuit. Meat, vegetables and even beer come from Crozon.

Rougaille sausage, buckwheat risotto, chocolate mousse, hummus, cream of peas… “I try above all that it is delicious”, she slips.

Thanks to the layout of this former apartment, enter people who can eat on site, microwaves are made available to heat the jars, also available to take away. Wood, stone and antique furniture from right to left create the warm atmosphere of restaurants of yesteryear.

Katell Le Berre’s business is off to a good start. Working people coming for lunch, people wanting to garnish their Saturday evening aperitif table but also elderly people have already passed through the door. “Older people come here because they wouldn’t cook for themselves, but they still want to eat well,” smiles the manager.

Continuous service

And of course there are the tourists. “We expect a heat stroke with the season which begins, confides the manager. As we cook ahead, people can enjoy a meal any time of the day, just reheat. It is very popular with hikers. To help her, Katell Le Berre can count on Chloé Lefebrève, hired full-time for the season.

Bocoz is a project that the enthusiast took two years to see completed. It provided trade passes, regional aid, but also support from Internet users thanks to a crowdfunding campaign which enabled it to collect €5,000. She was thus able to equip her kitchen, the most designated station of her installation, in particular because of the oven and the vacuum machine, essential for the preparation of her appetizing jars.

Over time, Katell Le Berre would like to develop an event and catering activity. For now, its terrace will be installed next week, just in time for the start of the tourist season.


29 rue Alsace Lorraine, Tuesday to Sunday, 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Small jar: €4.80. Large jar: €8.90. Starter, main course, dessert: €15.50. Such. 06 38 78 61 05.

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