in 2024, Vertou, Saint-Sébastien and Les Sorinières will share a kitchen

This is a first in the Nantes conurbation. In June 2023, Vertou, Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire and Les Sorinières – nearly 60,000 inhabitants in total – will launch the construction of a common central kitchen to supply up to 5,000 meals a day to the canteens of their public schools. . The new equipment – called the Fabrik du Sud-Loire – also supplied their leisure centers and several medico-social and educational institutes in the area (the Ocens institute, the Cenro and the works of Pen Bron).

The key: economies of scale and a promise of quality on the plates. “ We have chosen to go beyond our chapels to build an ambitious project, serving the food of our children », explains Rodolphe Amailland, mayor of Vertou, behind this initiative. This pooling will make it possible to anticipate the rapidly increasing needs by 2023 (from 535,000 to almost 800,000 meals per year) and to respond to the planned obsolescence of the central kitchens of Vertou and Saint-Sébastien. For Christelle Scuotto, mayor of Sorinières, who now outsources the preparation of meals to a service provider, this modern tool is also the guarantee of better cost control in the face of inflation: “CIt is a real territorial project, which will allow us to adapt to changing standards and meet the challenges of sustainable development and environmental preservation. » « We had no difficulty finding ourselves on the essentialsassures Laurent Turquois, mayor of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire. We share the same ambitions for the food of our children: education in taste and quality, promotion of local production and suppliers… »

Zero plastic and local products

To reduce the service’s carbon footprint, local sourcing will be favoured. By 2025, the three municipalities wish to apply at least 75% local and quality products in the preparation of meals, 30% organic and 50% labeled products (Red label, AOP, sustainable fishing eco-label, etc.), which intends ban the use of plastic from 2024 and reduce food waste by 20%, will also be equipped with a pastry shop and a vegetable shop. ” The objective is to cook fresh, seasonal, entirely homemade products as much as possible. “says Rodolphe Amailland. Another novelty: the children will have the choice every day between a dish with or without meat, in addition to the vegetarian meal for all already served each week in the canteens of the three municipalities.

The building (approximately 1,800 m²) will come out of the ground from June 2023 near the Presse au Vin leisure reception center in Vertou, for an opening in September 2024. Built to high environmental quality standards by the agency of architects Mûrisserie Parent Rachdi, the new equipment will be piloted by Mélanie Denis. This trained dietician has managed several large central kitchens and is currently coordinating the Nantes University Hospital catering service project.

An investment of 7.8 million euros

Led by a social cooperation group, the Fabrik du Sud-Loire is financed by Vertou, Saint-Sébastien and Les Sorinières with the support of several public actors. In particular Nantes Métropole which provides aid of 850,000 euros. “ This is the first facility to be endowed with the metropolitan competition fund set up to strengthen cooperation and solidarity between municipalities. “, recalls Christelle Scuotto, mayor of Sorinières and vice-president of Nantes Métropole. An initiative that could well make a school elsewhere in the territory.

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