Ikea is a hit with these accessories at bargain prices essential for your kitchen

Solid and modern accessories

When you think of an equipped kitchen, certain accessories immediately come to mind. An oven, a microwave, pans, pots, crockery… But don’t forget the trivet. This object is indeed essential to place hot dishes anywhere without the risk of damaging a wooden table or a tablecloth. But you might as well not take just any trivet. You might as well choose one that combines practicality and elegance. Coincidentally, Ikea has exactly what you need.

The trivet has been baptized Lämping by the brand and measures 18 centimeters by 18 centimeters. Made of stainless steel, it blends in very well with any decoration and does not stain your kitchen. It is both modern and aesthetic.

And to prepare delicious dishes, count on a kit of three utensils at only 6.99 euros. In this DIREKT set, the quality is there since the three parts are made of stainless steel. You won’t go broke with Ikea since the TRYGG salad bowl in transparent glass is offered at 2.29 euros. Likewise, for less than 13 euros, you can walk away with two LYCKAD four-course meals. If you like pies, we recommend this tart mold VARDAGEN offered for less than 8 euros. You have understood, the savings are there.

A tidy kitchen

It’s hard not to fall for the VARIERA half-shelf which saves space in your cupboards by optimizing storage. It is offered for only 5.99 euros. VARIERA takes care, precisely, of creating objects that allow you to have a kitchen that is always perfectly tidy. We just love the plate storage, both practical and modern, which costs only 8.99 euros. Clear jars with lids are also great for storing edible foods like pasta, rice, or cereal. Again, the price is very low. Thanks to Ikea and the EKLATANT brand, leave with a glass and bamboo jar of more than one litre… for only 4.99 euros.

As you can see, if you are looking to buy products for your kitchen and/or to optimize space as much as possible, Ikea is for you. Especially since the brand now wants to take care of its image as much as possible.

Ikea: low prices… and an ecological conscience

The brand is committed to becoming a key player in the circular economy by 2030, in a world where overconsumption has enabled it to become one of the most famous brands in the world. Several means are good to achieve this, starting with the repair of products damaged during transport, or even the proposal made to customers to bring back old products so that they are recycled and no longer thrown away. A rental service is also in place. An idea defended by Cecilia Cassinger, professor of strategic communication at the University of Lund: Ikea products can be used and reused over a long period of time, thus suffer waste“.

The goal is simple, reduce the carbon footprint. And the brand’s ambitions are high: to reduce this footprint by 70% by 2030. The best possibility to reduce the carbon footprint lies in the raw materials and the lifespan of the products says IKEA. Green Peace Nordic is however not yet satisfied with the brand’s actions:

Ikea has the potential to become a fully circular company (…) but there are still significant gaps in terms of ecological footprint thanks to the new model does not provide a solution“.

For consumers who choose to buy from places that try to respect the planets as much as possible and play an important role in the fight against global warming, Ikea is therefore ideal.

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