Ideas for peppers in the kitchen with Charles Coulombeau

Charles chose to talk to us about peppers today. Choosing them, of course, but above all cooking them. As a starter, for example, with a recipe for pressed cheese with peppers. He continued with a nice piperade recipe before ending with… Pepper ice cream.

He is supplied in Lorraine, in Amance, by Yann Doridant, an organic market gardener who works with 150 different species.

Our leader

Charles Coulombeau chef of “the house in the park” rue Sainte Catherine in Nancy

Charles Coulombeau head of the House in the Park ©Radio France
Jerome Prod’homme

Our culinary expert

Today, Maxime from the show “the best pastry chef” gave us a recipe for a fresh citrus pie with a Breton puck and a bergamot ganache.

One day a trade

Every day we go to see our local merchants because they, too, are a form of short circuit.

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