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Larousse editions publish “I Batch Cook Light all year round” by Sandra Thomann, a recipe book for healthy and varied cooking over the seasons.

LAROUSE EDITIONS – What are we eating ? Who hasn’t heard this question when hunger begins to tug at stomachs and nothing has been planned for lack of time! I Batch Cook Light all year round is the solution, the Holy Grail to never find yourself out of ideas at mealtimes. The book offers 52 weekly healthy menus, turnkey with the list of courses, the preparations to be made on the weekend and the assemblies to be made each day of the week. Each season has its balanced recipes, calculated for 4 people. The batch cooking method, which means cooking in batches, makes it possible to be better organized and, therefore, to buy only what is necessary for the recipes. We reduce food waste, unnecessary expenses and save a lot of time in preparation during the week, while eating healthy and balanced. No more last-minute purchases of food from the agro-industry, you can work and cook while eating healthy every day of the week thanks to Sandra Thomann’s practical manual.

I Batch Cook Light All Year
Sandra Thoman
Photographs by Valerie Guedes

Size: 20 x 27cm
Price: €25.95

About the author
Sandra Thoman
is the creator of the Cuisine Addict blog, in which she shares her love of homemade dishes, seasonal cuisine and everyday simplicity. Her recipes are fun, original but always very easy to make with everyday ingredients.

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