How to watch your YouTube videos on your Apple Watch with WatchTube

WatchTube is the application that allows you to access all YouTube videos from your Apple Watch. Your favorite videos are therefore accessible from your wrist and you can even share the sound of it from your wrist. Comment I show you.

Summary :

  • WatchTube, how does it work?
  • How to use WatchTube?

If like me you are a fan of Beyoncé, you want to watch and listen to her from your connected watch from Apple, you can now do it. Created by Hugo Mason, WatchTube is probably the solution that will delight your eyes and ears. The application is available for free on the Apple Store.

WatchTube, how does it work?

In 2022, Google still hasn’t developed a YouTube app for Apple Watches. Hugo Mason takes care of it with WatchTube.
The third-party application allows you to search on YouTube, listen to music from your Apple Watch but also and above all watch videos on your connected Apple watch. How to use WatchTube?

The WatchTube application is very intuitive and very easy to use. Just download to your Apple Watch.

Click the image to download WatchTube.

By step :

  • Install the app on your Apple Watch
  • Do your research on the second page
  • Watch your YouTube videos from your Apple Watch

How to Navigate WatchTube / © Nexpit РWatchTube

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access videos and playlists saved to your Google or YouTube account, or post videos from your watch. But good news is, that unlike Google, this application does not collect any private data according to Apple who authorized it on its App Store.

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