how to recognize the warning signs

If a cerebral infarction generally manifests itself very suddenly, it is possible to identify certain signs which can predict a future stroke.

One in six. This is the number of those who, on average, would be struck for a cerebral infarction, more commonly known as a cerebral vascular accident (CVA). This attack occurs after a stoppage of blood circulation in the brain (thrombosis or cerebral embolism) or because of an intracerebral hemorrhage (rupture of an aneurysm). Despite the brutality of the stroke, certain warning signs, a few days or weeks in advance, can alert to its imminent appearance.

About a month before the cerebral infarction, some people may experience numbness or complete paralysis in certain parts of the body, signs that certain brain functions have stopped. These signs affect only one limb, usually the arm or certain parts of the face such as the mouth.

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A few weeks before, still, shortness of breath for no apparent reason, balance problems, instability when moving or intense headaches can presage a stroke. Eyesight could also be affected, with problems with double vision or loss of use of one eye. Similarly, a speech disorder can be observed by relatives: the person affected may use incomprehensible terms or reverse words while having absolute confidence in their speech.

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