how to become a liked brand on social media

Talkwalker, a consumer intelligence solution, has partnered with Hootsuite, a platform specialized in social media management, to analyze more than 1,500 international brands from 20 sectors of activity, through 2.6 billion conversations exchanged between July 2021 and March 2022.

In this report, you will discover valuable insights to better understand the reasons that motivate consumers to love a brand, the opportunities offered by building a solid relationship of trust, as well as practical advice on becoming a popular brand on social networks.

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Sustainability, the #1 asset of “Love Brands” in 2022

After two years marked by limited choices due to the health crisis, the return to normal is accompanied by a desire for change for consumers. But brands need to work harder and be more creative to stand out and grab the attention of their online communities.

The research conducted jointly by Talkwalker and Hootsuite shows that the notion of sustainability has become fundamental to being a brand that matters in 2022. To create a brand strategy that really touches your customers, the marketing messages conveyed must emphasize the 3 following criteria:

  • Environment : by demonstrating the efforts made by the company in this area, such as reducing the carbon footprint for its various activities, the circular economy, etc.
  • Social : by communicating on programs created for the well-being of employees, but also diversity, equity, inclusion, etc.
  • Economic : by promoting long-term growth without negative impact on the planet, and the responsibility of all parties concerned, beyond the shareholders.
Consumers’ favorite brand in 2022 is… Asics! © Talkwalker

The benefits of a strong relationship of trust with your audience

The most popular brands on social networks are those that make the effort to know their audience, their expectations, in order to improve the user experience, according to the specificities of each channel. This daily work allows the “Love Brands” to create a relationship of trust with consumers, both passionate and effective, and thus generate a sparked commitment with them. And the results are very real.

According to research by Talkwalker and Hootsuite, “loved” brands, meaning those that put the customer first, grow 3x the industry average. Other interesting data: purchase spend increases when a brand is liked, as does word-of-mouth, for brands that have succeeded in creating an emotional connection with their communities.

Love-Brands-2022-Talkwalker Opportunities
3 good reasons to create a relationship of trust with consumers. © Talkwalker

While some markets are more conducive than others to building a strong brand preference, such as beauty and fashion or food and beverage products, all sectors of activity are concerned and can do well.

Featured beauty brands among those most valued by consumers. © Talkwalker

5 tips for taking a customer-centric approach to social media

Talkwalker’s observation is clear: to become a “Love Brand”, you must have a customer-centric approach, aligning yourself with their values, offering them emotional experiences and acting on their own convictions. And social media is the most immediate and effective way to bring your brand closer to consumers.

To become a committed and acclaimed brand on social networks, the platform recommends:

  1. Choose the right channels according to your objectives,
  2. Do not neglect B2B, by integrating it into your social strategy,
  3. Use social listening to monitor all feelings, even those that may be negative, to be able to respond to them,
  4. Rely on the content generated by the users themselves to build a solid and lasting relationship of trust,
  5. Extend the use of social media in your company, beyond the marketing department.

To find out about the top 50 global brands preferred by consumers (including 3 French companies), but also the rankings by country (including France), and to get more tips to develop love around your brand, you can download the report Complete Talkwalker by clicking the button below.

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