How to Backup iPhone Photos to Google Photos?

In this article, I will show you how to backup iPhone photos to Google Photos. In previous articles, I showed you how to backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. And in the other, I also tell you the differences between iCloud backup and iTunes backup. So, if you have read these articles, you must know how to backup iOS devices and you must know the differences. So you know that if you want to backup your devices using iCloud and it’s free up to 5 GBS, but if your photos and other files are up to 5 GB, then you per the article, you can backup iPhone photos to Google Drive and save free storage space for other files.

Google Photos, one of the most popular and convenient cloud backup services for your photos, now supports these animated images. If you don’t use Google Photos and take a lot of Live Photos, now is the time to move or backup photos from iPhone to Google Photos.

Backup iPhone Photos and Videos to Google Photos

Remark : This method works on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. And when you turn on Google Photos, it also backs up your photos along with videos too, the videos that are in your photo album or photo library.


Walker #1. Download and install Google Photos of App store.

Get Google Photos

Walker #2. When the download is complete, press the Google Photos application.

Open Google Photos

Walker #3. Press on Beginner.


Walker #4. Press on Ok to allow google photos to access your photos.

Allow Google Photos to access your photos

Walker #5. shot now Backup and synchronization, if not selected by default. Then press Continuing. This means that every photo you take will automatically be backed up to Google Cloud.

Backup photos and videos

Walker #6. Now choose the quality of photos and videos, to be backups and press Continuator.

Remark : If you select the high quality, the photos and videos will take more storage space if there are a lot of high quality photos and videos and it will fill your free storage data, then you need to buy more space of storage.

Upload size for photos and videos

Walker #seven. So after that, when you take photos or videos, they will be saved to Google cloud service. They will sync automatically, no need to do it manually. One more thing, when you choose a Live Photo, you will see the Live Photo icon on the top right corner of the screen. If you want, you can now delete the Live Photos from your phone as they are safely extended to the cloud for whenever you want to view them.

Backup Photos to Google Photos

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It was about how to backup iPhone photos to Google Photos. If you have any problem, tell us below by comment, do not hesitate to tell us. we are waiting for your suggestion.

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