How to arrange your kitchen for optimal performance?

When it comes to designing a kitchen, there’s a lot more to consider than just aesthetics. Kitchen layout should be done in a logical way to create the most ideal kitchen experience. If you are a home cook, you can understand how important this is. A poorly designed kitchen can create a huge headache every time you try to prepare a meal for your family. We will discuss in this article the best way to arrange your kitchen.

The sink corner

This is the part of the kitchen that tends to be the most sought after, so it should be located in a central area, between the fridge and the stove. It is also the logical continuation of the refrigerator area, since this is where you prepare your food. There must be enough space on the counter, because a number of tasks will be carried out in this area. Remember to arrange your kitchen chairs around the central island for better optimization of space.

In fact, not only will you need enough space to prepare food, but you will also need space to clean the objects used during food preparation. That’s why you need to make sure that this area is not cluttered. Cabinets in this area should hold food preparation items such as knives and cutting boards, but also items that have been cleaned by the sink or dishwasher.

The stove area

Many homeowners find it convenient to place their microwaves right above the stovetop. The cabinets in this area are devoted to the items you will need for cooking and serving food.

Cookware can be separated from stove and oven items. A cabinet with deep drawers is ideal for storing pots and pans.

Baking dishes can be stored in a wall cupboard located in the cooker area, while large pots and other items for the oven can be stored in a large low cupboard.

A drawer with a divider or a large single container located on the counter can be used to keep cooking utensils close at hand while cooking. Serving items, such as trays, plates and bowls, can also be kept in a deep drawer or tall low cabinet.

A spice rack is a useful storage item to keep close by. This can be a pull-out spice rack in the wall or base cabinet, or a spice rack on the counter. It is more convenient to keep the most common spices and seasonings in this place than to keep them in the pantry.

This is a great guideline to start designing your kitchen, as you now have a general idea of ​​where to place storage spaces, based on the main areas of your kitchen.

Precise measurements for appliances, cabinets, and counter space will vary depending on the size of your kitchen. Of course, modifications can be undone depending on the location of water, gas and electrical outlets.

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