how Adrien Bocquet made a photomontage to make people believe in his trip to Kyiv – Liberation

War between Ukraine and Russiacase

The photo supposedly taken at the gates of the Ukrainian capital, presented by Adrien Bocquet as proof of his trip to the scene, turns out to be a montage, according to the investigation by the Révélateurs de France Télévisions. It was one of the last – meager – elements brandished by the storyteller.

Following the investigations of CheckNews Revealing Adrien Bocquet’s lies about his largely fabricated visit to Ukraine and about his equally fantasized commando past, the former soldier continued to defend his Ukrainian story on some of his social networks. His main “evidence”, which he persisted in brandishing after our second article, is a very pixelated photo, and visibly doctored, which shows him posing in front of sandbags, next to a sign stamped “Kyiv”. A city where, according to the elements of our investigation, and different from his account, he was hardly able to go for more than a few hours.

Or again, Adrien Bocquet lied. The France Télévisions Revelators team managed to find the exact location of this photo, from elements visible on the snapshot compared to images from Google Streetview. Unsurprisingly, it was taken on the road that rests on the border post of Shehyni, on the Polish border, and the clinic in Lviv, where we had spotted the photos of Adrien Bocquet. That is to say nearly 600 kilometers from the capital… The Kyiv panel was therefore a rough assembly, added on a writing for pedestrians.

Without having geolocated the image, CheckNews had put together several elements in this photo that seemed implausible: the differences in pixelation between the panel and the rest of the image, the poor quality of the latter compared to Adrien Bocquet’s other photos, the fact that most of the panels signs were removed by the Ukrainian authorities a few days after the start of the war (especially in the capital and next to what appears to be a Ukrainian army checkpoint), or the fact that the sign on the photo appears with a right angle (the one located at the bottom right), while this type of sign has rounded ends.

Despite the various evidence that accumulates concerning his lies, Adrien Bocquet does not budge. Now shunned by the French media, the latter went so far as to go to Moscow to pass in front of the Kremlin state television, as France Inter noted last week. But there again, the videos that he brandished in front of the cameras have nothing to do with his imaginary journey: they were filmed, then commented on, in particular by CheckNewslong before he set foot in Ukraine.


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