HomePod and Apple TV: new models in the works, according to Mark Gurman

Even if tvOS 16 and the HomePod firmware 16 were indeed entitled to their own betas, the rare novelties for these two software did not allow them to make a small place for themselves during the WWDC keynote. This does not mean that Apple has completely abandoned these two product lines.

Mark Gurman, in his Sunday newsletter, assures that the manufacturer is indeed developing a brand new HomePod, successor to the “big” 2018 model. In doing so, he “confirms” in quotes the rumor of Ming-Chi Kuo who predicted such a pregnancy in May.

Gurman gives additional details: this new HomePod would be codenamed B620, and it would work with the S8 chip of the future Apple Watch Series 8. Its touch screen would offer multipoint gestures. Its audio performance would approach that of the original HomePod, which Apple stopped marketing in March 2021.

Not a word on the price, while it is above all on this that many expect Apple – it is the price considered too high for the device which explains for many the failure of the HomePod 2018. The launch of this new speaker n is not expected until next year.

As for the Apple TV, there too there would be something new. A new box, code name J255, is in the works. It would not a priori be a revolution, but a refresh of the 2nd generation 4K model: it would work with an A14 chip with 1 GB of RAM in addition, i.e. 5 GB instead of 4 of the current model.

Ming-Chi Kuo also announced a new Apple TV, which would be sold at a lower price. This device would be released by the end of the year… maybe with this mysterious new remote control that popped a head in iOS 16?

iOS 16 contains a new Siri Remote

iOS 16 contains a new Siri Remote


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