His big season, Mbappé, Neymar, his future… Ludovic Blas (Nantes) gives himself up!

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This season, Ludovic Blas is one of the particularly important players for Nantes. A season on which he returns in an interview granted to Onze Mondial, available in your kiosks and on our online store. His personal case, his inspirations, his future… Selected pieces.

The Season of Revelation

“I started quite early and especially strong. Suddenly, it was directly “Blas the revelation, Blas the revelation”. And I think they expected a lot. Instead of giving it my all right away, I took a little longer before giving it my all. The big head ? We will say that I had a lot of Ligue 1 matches at my very young age. I rested, I said to myself: “There, it’s good, you’ve arrived”. While I should have done the opposite, worked even harder and confirmed to go as high as possible as quickly as possible. The reason ? All that is notoriety, money, I was at Guingamp so it does not change much. It’s not my football anymore. We went through difficult times and that’s where I should have shown that I was important for the team. For example, I had the experience last year with Nantes and there, I did really well. I helped the team to hold on and that’s something I should have done with Guingamp. »

Players who inspire him

“I followed his development a bit, but it’s Kylian (Mbappé). It’s huge. Afterwards, among the players I don’t know, the one who impressed me was Neymar. His first match in France was at Guingamp, against us, let it go. Looks like he was from another planet. He was too strong. You say to yourself: “Ah yeah, this is real football, another football”. He plays another football. »

His future, the lusts and the interest of Lyon

“Of course it’s nice to hear things like that. Afterwards, it is the result of the work. Right now, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen. Lyons? It’s interesting to know that these clubs… (he stops). Then we don’t really know. There are a lot of “we say”… There’s no smoke without fire, but the only thing that’s good is that it’s fun. It means that you are not bad, that you are having a good season and that you confirm. A value of 20 million? It means that for them, I have value. We know how it is, it’s just business, they want to make a profit. Afterwards, it’s true that 20 million is a lot I think. I don’t know how they make their estimates. I’ll tell you that when I’ve decided to leave, I’ll tell you if it’s a lot or not (smile). »

Find the full interview with Ludovic Blas in the new issue of Onze Mondial, on your newsstands since Thursday and available on our online store!

to summarize

Ludovic Blas, the Nantes midfielder, confided exclusively in the columns of the new issue of Onze Mondial! The opportunity to talk about his great season after a few complications, but also his near future!

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