he’s been living a nightmare since this restaurateur filed a complaint!

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Might as well say it right away, not a single week goes by without hearing about a completely crazy new scandal around Philippe Etchebest’s famous show, Cauchemar en cuisine. While some might have thought that we would be able to hear some candidates speak after the health crisis linked to the coronavirus, it is clear that the situation has never been as tense as what we have seen. it was just a few years ago.

Indeed, we have been able to hear about several candidates in the past, at times when some have been able to say loud and clear whatever they might have on their hearts, no offense to all those those who can criticize the famous cook in a fairly direct and violent way!

A difficult daily life for Philippe Etchebest and restaurants in France!

But if we keep hearing about Philippe Etchebest these days, it’s for a whole other thing! Indeed, it turns out that we have just been able to learn some rather crazy and even rather horrible news regarding the famous chef. As much to say it right away, we clearly know that this may not at all please all those who appreciate the great French chef, in particular who can see the reruns of the show Cauchemar in the kitchen.

Thus, we know perfectly well that some in particular did not appreciate the fact that this could make more and more noise in the French media, with in particular real scandals which sometimes send shivers down the spine. Indeed, we can say that the consequences of his emission can be much more unpredictable than we could have imagined…

This former candidate files a complaint after the broadcast of Nightmare in the kitchen!

We can clearly say that some candidates are fearless, and we were able to get to the bottom of it once again with the testimony that we have just discovered. Indeed, we were able to learn very big revelations in particular in the very last issue of Télé Loisirs which was able to give exclusive information regarding the three sisters who were able to speak recently in Nightmare in the kitchen. Indeed, impossible to forget Mélanie and her two sisters, Mylène and Séverine.

As we are often rebroadcast, this revives the attacks on each broadcast. And yet, we didn’t do it for the glory. The boss knows it. We had asked not to be broadcast. We didn’t want to make the buzz, just save our restaurant and improve our relationship with my sisters.

Against all odds, we could clearly see that this could change everything in the world of cooking, because we were able to discover in particular that it could have had a fairly strong impact on the restaurant against all odds. Thus, it turns out that the young woman was simply able to say loud and clear that she had therefore filed a complaint, but for a completely different reason which is very unexpected…

A broadcast that was not desired by the candidate

Thus, we were able to learn in particular that the young woman has been living a real nightmare in her kitchen, literally, since the broadcast of this program. And for good reason, it turns out that she was simply able to decide not to broadcast this program, which was nevertheless against all expectations broadcast on M6 on several occasions. In her statement, she notably talks about the bad reviews she can receive on review sites, including from people who have never been to her restaurant!

Two years later, we are still open, with a lot of passages. There are all the same jealous people who leave us bad reviews on Google or TripAdvisor, saying that it’s inedible, disgusting, and that we should be ashamed of having made Nightmare in the kitchen, when they’re never came to eat there

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