Heat wave: no, the current temperatures were not successful as “normal” thirty years ago

To prove it, a climate-skeptic Internet user published the image visible above. It’s supposed to show two weather reports from the same day, thirty-six years apart. On the left is a map with shades of blue and green, the temperature poster includes between 18°C ​​and 25°C. On the right, a map with similar temperatures is, this time, colored bright red. The first dates back to 1986 and the one on the right to 2022. “In 1986 it was called a normal summer. Today they are coloring the map red and calling it extreme heat”we read in the comments.

First questionable element: these two maps represent Sweden. However, the Scandinavian countries have not yet experienced a heat wave for 2022. The heat wave is indeed limited to southern Europe, affecting Spain and Italy. We have therefore traced the origin of these cards.


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