He renovates the kitchen of his house, a mysterious 54-year-old wedding album falls from the ceiling

When Bobby Kapsidis decided to move into his mother’s house in Florida, he expected renovations, but surely not to find this strange find hidden in the walls of his kitchen. The house had always belonged to his family and he was eager to move.

The house was old, and behind the worn walls and old woodwork, Bobby suspected that he was going to find some surprises, says the site Vie Pratique Féminin. As is often the case when you arrive in an old house that has not been explored for a long time. The mites could have penetrated the walls and under the carpet, the parquet had certainly seen better days. With a bit of luck, the walls could even house real treasures from antiquity… And he was not disappointed!

An incredible and moving discovery in his kitchen

Bobby and his wife, Megan, made the trip from their home in Sierra Vista, Arizona to Florida, and its milder, summery climate. The couple bought the old house in 2009 but have no plans to start renovations so they can move in permanently until the summer of 2017.

During these eight years, the only occupants of the house were charming spiders, which took possession of the dusty room with their webs. Who knows what else might be hiding within the walls…?

Bobby’s partner, Megan, was excited about this renovation project. “Finally in Florida and working from home! writes Aelle on Facebook, Today.com report. The couple had been married for a while but this was the first real project they had invested in and started together. And Megan wanted to make new memories and couldn’t wait to move into her new home.

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