He gives his news in the last bonus of “The Voice”

After suffering from lung cancer, Florent Pagny gives his news in the last premium of “The Voice”. Insoelite gives you more details in this regard in the following lines.

On January 25, the interpreter of “My Freedom to Think” announced bad news in his community. Indeed, Florent Pagny is suffering from lung cancer. What makes that the star is subjected to a very heavy treatment. And this, in order to fight against the tumor. In fact, ever since this news spread, followers of the program have been mixed about the singer’s participation. Some of them even showed that Nolwenn Leroy was going to replace the 60-year-old singer.

Also remember that the father of the family wanted to post a video of him on his social networks. And this, to reassure his fans about his state of health. All the more so, after the rumors that circulated on the Web about his absence from the semi-final. Thus, the native of Chalon-sur-Saône made his appearance after a long absence. “Hello everyone, I’m here to give you some news,” he said.

According to the words of the author of the video, he will soon complete his treatment. He states in this sense: […] I only have one chemo left, I can tell you that I am doing very well”. To the delight of our protagonist’s admirers. The latter, said that the doctors found a satisfactory result. “My tumor which was as big as a kiwi turned into a hazelnut […] It went very well […] “.

Florent Pagny reassures his fans about his state of health

Let’s start by reminding you that last night took place the semi-final of the singing tele-hook broadcast on TF1. On this occasion, five candidates obtained their ticket for the final scheduled for next Saturday. And this concerns, Vike, Nour, Mister Mat, Caroline Costa and Loris. If this evening was marked by the absence of Nikos, the spectators were, however, in heaven watching Florent sitting on the red armchair.

Even weakened by his illness, the iconic actor did not miss the appointment to support his talents. As a result, Alessandra Sublet, who exceptionally replaced Nikos, took the opportunity to ensure the state of health of the star. To which the principal concerned replied: “It’s going very well, we are on the adventure. As long as we don’t suffer and everything is going well, we have to ensure ”.

By the way, this return did not pass in the preview on social networks. Very moved following the presence of Azucena’s companion, Internet users were full of praise for our protagonist. Thus, we can read in the comments space: “The strength that Florent Pagny puts in being present this evening commands respect”. Or: “He has crazy courage to come live Florent Pagny, what dignity”. “He is a great gentleman, strength to him”.

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