Have you broken the screen of your Google smartphone? iFixit can sell you an original one

iFixit has partnered with Google to sell genuine Pixel parts so you can repair your smartphone.

iFixit will now sell Google Pixel spare parts // Source: iFixit

After partnerships with Samsung, Microsoft or Valve, it is now with Google that the iFixit site is joining forces with the aim of simplifying the repair of Google Pixel smartphones.

This Thursday, iFixit has indeed announced that it has entered into a partnership with Google in order to allow the site specializing in the repair, disassembly and sale of spare parts to resell original parts for Google smartphones. Concretely, iFixit will be able to offer both Google smartphone screens, but also their batteries, charging ports, photo modules or adhesives to replace those that users have inadvertently damaged.

Concretely, iFixit indicates that it is implementing a spare parts system not only for Google’s two most recent models, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but also indicates that all the brand’s previous smartphones will also be supported from Google Pixel 2. In addition, iFixit does not intend to stop there, since even the next smartphones of the firm will be compatible with this program of marketing of original parts: “In the fall, parts and repair tutorials for the Pixel 6a will be added to the iFixit catalog. »

Interest for iFixit, for Google and for users

For users, the interest is obviously to be able to replace a broken smartphone screen or a damaged USB socket themselves, without having to go through Google’s after-sales service. For iFixit, this is logically a big blow since it will thus be able to offer users the original parts. Finally, for Google, this partnership will allow the manufacturer to possibly improve its repairability index. Remember that this index takes into account in particular the ease of disassembly of the devices, but also the availability of original parts. By delegating this availability to iFixit, Google will therefore ensure this request without having to take care of it itself.

iFixit specifies that the original Google Pixel spare parts will be available alone or accompanied by a tool kit to effectively disassemble your smartphone. For example, count 190 euros for a Google Pixel 6 Pro screen, 43 euros for a Google Pixel 6 battery or 50 euros for a Google Pixel 5 photo module.

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