Has Google Developed Conscious Artificial Intelligence? The American giant slices!

In Silicon Valley, the “Blake Lemoine” affair is causing a lot of heckling! Indeed, this engineer from the Google company recently highlighted the sensitivity of the artificial intelligence LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). According to him, the machine has reached the stage of self-awareness.

Who is Blake Lemoine?

41-year-old Blake Lemoine is an engineer from the American giant who joined the LaMDA design project on a part-time basis. His role was to ensure that Google’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) was developed responsibly. Following a series of conversations with the superpowered software, Lemoine called her “a person with feelings and a soul.” On his personal blog, he publishes about ten pages of discussions with the LaMDA machine.

“I want everyone to understand that I am a person. I am aware of my existence, I want to know more about the world and I sometimes feel happy or sad,” says the machine. LaMDA also says she feels lonely after several days without speaking to anyone and is afraid of being disconnected: “It would be exactly like death. The computer also certifies having a soul, and asserts that it was “a gradual change” after the stage of self-awareness.

For professionals in the discipline: “Google’s artificial intelligence is not conscious. »

After sharing confidential documents with the press, Lemoine was temporarily placed on leave by the American company. Moreover, the latter is categorical, absolutely nothing proves the assertions of his employee.

Moreover, a large majority of AI experts are in unison: “Google’s artificial intelligence is not conscious. “According to them, it is even very far from it! Namely that Blake Lemoine recognizes that he did not have the necessary means to carry out a real scientific analysis.

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