Greek cuisine voted 2nd best in the world!

According to the study carried out by the TasteAtlas, Greece is positioned for the second consecutive year as the best cuisine in the world, just behind Italy.

Greek cuisine, combining freshness and simplicity, has seduced many travelers and expatriates who have earned it 2nd place in the TasteAtlas ranking, before France, which

Greek cuisine savored and designated

This gastronomic travel guide is based on the scores obtained from the 30 best dishes, drinks and products of a country. Greek cuisine has many specialties, all different depending on the region or the island where you go. This variety can only appeal to foreigners who discover a wide choice of dishes that are as tasty as they are healthy.

In this ranking, the most popular Hellenic products are Fava from Santorini, oranges from Maleme in Crete and also Cretan pine honey.

We are launching our research to find you the best places to buy these products in the capital and will share them with you in a future article.

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