Google’s disappointing watch processor

Google announced there highly anticipated Pixel Watch. It’s been 4 years since we heard rumors about the watch from Google and finally made it official in 2022. The official launch is still several months away and the specifications of the watch are not yet known. There are some rumors surrounding the product which reveals some interesting and also surprising information regarding the processor of the watch. Rumors claim that the Google Pixel Watch will arrive with an Exynos processor from 2018.

the SoC Exynos 9110 from Samsung which was first launched 4 years ago. The chip debuted with the Samsung Galaxy Watch in 2018.

Before the Exynos 9110 SoC rumors, it was said that the SmartWatch would be powered by the Samsung Exynos W920the same processor that powered the Galaxy Watch 4. That would have given the Pixel watch an edge over its competition, but it seems Google chose to self-sabotage with a 4-year-old processor from a discontinued watch.

Pixel Watch

It’s definitely disappointing to know that the long-awaited Pixel Watch won’t come with a high-end processor, but Google might make up for that with the latest software improvements. The company has revealed that the watch will run on WearOS, which should offer a faster and smoother experience under the fingers, while at the same time mastering their OS, truth be told.

In addition, the watch includes technology Fitbit which adds features like sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. It also lets you see active zone minutes and track your progress against your personal fitness/maintenance goals.

Google will launch this watch at a high price. However, sales are likely to be low compared to the watch’s underperforming chip.

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