Google wants to end passwords, Bitcoin nears $40,000, this is the recap

Bitcoin starts to climb again after a stagnation phase, Android users drive better than iPhone enthusiasts and Google wants to put an end to passwords on Android, this is the recap of May 5, 2022!

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It’s time for the big recap of May 5, 2022. A relatively quiet day in tech news, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened! Today we have Google killing passwords, a study that shows Android users perform better than iPhone users, and the price of Bitcoin picking up a bit.

Bitcoin climbs a bit towards $40,000

The price of Bitcoin begins a small recovery after a few weeks of stagnation. Drifting between $35,000 and $39,000, the cryptocurrency is slowly rising, almost reaching $40,000. If we are far from the absolute record ($69,000), this awakening is encouraged for investors. However, nothing indicates that the price will not drop sharply in the next few days. Remember that the price of Bitcoin is closely linked to the stock market index.

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Android fans are better drivers than iPhone users

Today, we do studies, sometimes wacky, on everything and anything. The latest was carried out by the insurance comparator Jerry. His conclusions are clear: Android smartphone users produce much better than iPhone owners, regardless of age or social category. The thing is, iPhone users are more often distracted by their phones. A curious study.

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Google wants passwords dead

Passwords are part of our lives. Google wants to end it next year on Chrome and Android. The idea is to replace all existing passwords with alternatives, such as a fingerprint or a PIN code. A way to facilitate the security of your personal data, but also of your life. We were all annoyed not to find an identifier that we would have perfectly protected…

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