Google Used This Training Platform To Connect New Team Members

Teamwork makes the dream work – but for Google’s new employee relations care team, which consists of six people in three countries and four time zones, fosters teamwork between these strangers. advertised as a bigger than normal challenge.

For help, the tech titan turned to KeepWOL, a talent development platform which uses live multiplayer games and AI technology to create virtual team-building exercises. KeepWOL, which launched in 2018 and works primarily with large companies, hosted a learning and development event where the specialist team played an interactive virtual game together to get to know and get to know each other.

“Our platform really bridges that gap between learning and doing,” says Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks, CEO of KeepWOL. “Google enlisted us because they wanted to get into the mindset of creative thinking and remove boundaries and conditions. [between colleagues.]”


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KeepWOL’s suite of solutions includes seventeen different games, compatible with most major video conferencing platforms. Each game focuses on one of the five fundamental pillars that the platform deems necessary for the entire functional team: cultural intelligence, engagement, team dynamics, innovation and job satisfaction.

For its new employee relations care team, Google wanted focus on relationships, So KeepWOL set them up with its “What If” quiz – a series of situational questions that challenged each player to think critically about their own instincts and preferences. For example, the questions asked ranged from “If you had to create your own perfume, what would it be? » and « If you had to remove literature, cinema or music, what would it be? »

“We went from floral scents to ‘I really like Mexican food, so my scent might be Mexican buffet,'” says Shanks, who oversaw the training for Google. “The laughter and acceptance while learning all these personal anecdotes was very interesting. »

At the end of each game, KeepWOL administers a reflection evaluation, where players can rate their experience with the game and provide feedback. KeepWOL then uses AI software to compile the responses and extract data and insights from their assessments to provide the insights to employers, helping them better their employees’ feelings about the job, as well as spot developing trends in sentiment and areas of concern requiring attention.

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Google employees all rated their experiences in the 9.3 to 9.8 zone, which KeepWOL says not only signals a good experience with the game, but also a good or even better perception of their employer.

“When you think about learning and talent development, [there’s typically] training that everyone will receive and you will receive once,” says Shanks. “But tapping into things people love, like games, helps to help others break down their barriers and highlight their own vulnerability – helping to not only drive what you need, how you get it need and why you need them, but also to develop those interpersonal skills. »

By providing an easy-to-play game, companies can not only integrate and build a team in a sustainable way, but also create a basis for communication and learning that can help employers better recruit and retain talent in the future.

“Employees determine what areas they need to grow in, rather than someone trying to tell them,” Shanks says. “They’re using these games and having these conversations, which allows people to show who they are, what they need, and how they’ll be most successful. »

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