Google TV could soon automatically connect you to all your streaming services

Are you tired of always having to connect to your favorite streaming services as soon as you buy a new TV? Google may soon fix this problem. Indeed, a line of code in the latest OS APK seems to indicate that the latter could soon use Google account information to automatically log in to all platforms.

In recent years, Google has put a lot of effort into improving its TV operating system. New, users were entitled to the arrival of personalized profiles, and other new features are also in the pipeline. For example, it is rumored that vision calls as well as a fitness service could soon join Google TV.

This is not the only feature on which the Mountain View firm is working. According to our colleagues from 9to5Google, who analyzed the latest APK of the operating system, it will soon be possible to automatically connect to your favorite streaming platforms at once. In fact, users will no longer have to manually connect to all their SVOD services when purchasing a new TV.

No more spending hours connecting to your streaming services on Google TV

Here is what we can read in the code of the update: “Several apps are included with your TV and will be installed during setup. Additionally, apps for your subscriptions will also be installed. Information about device apps linked to your Google Account will be used to set up and sign in to those apps on your TV. »

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To do this, the operating system will therefore use the information transferred to the user’s Google account to retrieve the identifiers of the streaming platforms on which it is registered. In other words, the functionality will be of no use if these identifiers and passwords are not stored by the user. It should be noted, however, that these lines of code are subject to interpretation and that, whatever the case, it could be that Google decides not to ultimately succeed with the general public.

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