Google: three data centers to “meet the specific demands of French companies”

It will have three data centers, since, to guarantee the security and availability of the data, they are “replicated” in three identical but distant centers. The opening will bring the company’s total number of cloud data centers to 32, including 10 in Europe. It must be said that Google’s cloud activity is growing strongly, up nearly 45% in the first quarter of 2022. Explanations with Samuel Bonamigo, Vice President Southern Europe of Google Cloud.

Google Cloud inaugurates a data center in France, for its French customers. Concretely, what does this change?

Samuel Bonamigo. This will allow us to meet local storage demand, which is constantly increasing in France. We will thus be able to store the information of companies that use our services, such as Carrefour, Casino, Maisons du Monde, Groupe Rocher, LVMH, Orange, Renault, Lydia, Back Market, BlaBlaCar, Gémo, Veolia and many others! We will be able to satisfy the specific requests of French companies in accordance with legal requirements. All with a very high level of security.

How do you explain this increase in demand for cloud storage?

The pandemic has highlighted important transformation needs for our customers: remote working, but also the acceleration of digitalization and the explosion of e-commerce. In 2021, Google Cloud’s global revenue was $19.2 billion, up 44% year-on-year. Without the cloud and the networks, we do not envisage being able to work for the last two years. And without solutions like ours, we wouldn’t have been able to run the economy.

You have also used all the Google tools yourself to work remotely: you have been recruited in full confinement…

It’s true, I joined Google in September 2020, after working twenty-five years in the tech sector, notably at Oracle and Salesforce. So I joined the company working remotely and only discovered my office in December 2020! Despite everything, thanks to digital tools, I was able to create the relationship with my teams, and even emotions. We have, of course, the best tools, but that doesn’t prevent us from listening a lot to maintain a link while having space to breathe, without chaining the video for example.

We talk a lot about the impact of digital technology on energy consumption.

This is indeed a priority subject for Google as for all of our customers. This is why our objective is, by 2030, to use only low-carbon energies everywhere in the world for our operations. 2017, our activity is already annually and fully offset by purchases of renewable energies and, since 2007, carbon neutral.

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