Google Talk messaging is going to die, and this time it’s true

Google Talk was quickly supplanted by other players, notably Meta which, with Messenger, WhatsApp and, to a lesser extent, Instagram, captures most of the instant messaging market, but also Telegram or Signal, not to mention Snapchat, whose messaging is taken by the youngest.

Yet Google Talk has never ceased to be active. If Google has, since 2013, gradually withdrawn the means of access to its messaging from its own products, third-party software such as Pidgin and Gajim have taken over using the communication protocols put in place by Google. The service will also be cut for these applications from this Thursday, June 16.

Google, after years of wandering and so many different software, seems to be refocusing exclusively on Google Meet, its video conferencing service. We learned a few days ago that Google Duo, the video call tool, would gradually merge with it. Google Messages remains in place for text messages between Android phones or sending SMS.

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