Google subject to complaint in Denmark over job search

A new complaint vis-à-vis Google. It comes from Jobindex in Denmark, where the Mountain View firm is suspected of having promoted its own job search service.

Google faces a new complaint in Denmark, in particular concerning the search for employment. Jobindex, which specializes in this sector, says the search giant has favored its own service over its competitors, according to Reuters.

An investigation began 3 years ago

This is not the first time that Google has been targeted by such a procedure. Indeed, the German group of Axel Springer already had a complaint four years ago for the same reasons. And European Union antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager began looking into the Google for Jobs service three years ago.

If nothing has really changed since this period, this new complaint could allow Europe to relaunch its investigation against the Mountain View firm.

Launched in Europe in 2018, Google for Jobs very quickly provoked criticism from competitors who quickly lost market share after Google’s arrival in this niche. The American company defended itself by indicating that “Any job provider, large or small, can participate and companies are seeing increased traffic and job matches with this feature.”

Google’s service aggregates job postings from many companies and links to the websites in question each time. Google for Jobs therefore allows you to sort before going to a job search website.

An “inferior service” to Jobindex

But according to Kaare Danielsen, founder and CEO of Jobindex, Google caused the Danish job search site to lose 20% of its traffic in a short time after the launch of Google for Jobs, which he calls “lower service” to his site which had built up the largest job database in Denmark.

“By placing its own inferior service at the top of search results pages, Google hides some of the most applicable job postings from job seekers. Recruiters, in turn, may no longer reach all job seekers unless they use Google’s job service” Kaare Danielsen told Reuters.

However, Google would have gone much further than that by resuming job offers from Jobindex without authorization, on behalf of business partners.

Google targeted by other complaints

Google is regularly in the sights of the antitrust body of the European Union. In addition to this investigation, which began three years ago, the company has already been condemned in the past, in particular for its price comparison service, which had ousted the competition.

In a few years, Google has been sentenced to several fines by Margrethe Vestager, reaching 8 billion euros.

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