Google pushes Hangouts users to Chat

Google is continuing to clean up its communication applications, even if it means pissing off the most attentive users. The search engine urges anyone using the Hangouts app to switch to Google Chat, whether it’s the online version (in Gmail) or the mobile app — Hangouts had been released from the App Store and Play Store at the end of March.

In July, everyone who uses Hangouts in Gmail will automatically switch to the new Chat version of Gmail (which isn’t GChat, aka Google Talk, which was taken down a few weeks ago). The online version of Hangouts remains on for a few more months. To pay ” the majority of users “Conversations will disappear from one service to another seamlessly, promises Google.

The company nevertheless recommends making a backup of its discussions with Google Takeout. All necessary instructions are available at this address in French and for all platforms. Google has big ambitions for Chat, which integrates with Docs, Sheets and Slides office tools. Finally, until the next service which will once again turn everything upside down.

Google merges Duo with Meet, which will become Meet

Google merges Duo with Meet, which will become Meet


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